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70 lbs of fluid!

Here is a picture of me four weeks before giving birth. I was retaining 70 lbs of fluid. My husband and I were trying for years to have a baby and we had to have fertility treatment. It worked after the third time. At age 46 time was running out! We are so happy I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl. Best wishes from Abbie.


belly retaining water

Water retention in belly

I believe my body retains water an my belly an I want to know how can lose it an lose my belly I really don’t like how my body like an want to make a change so if you can please help me.

Reply from Linda Lazarides
Karl, obesity with internal fat inside your tummy can also look like this. But you don’t have a lot of chest fat, so obesity seems less likely than water retention. I don’t know anything about what you eat so it’s hard to advise, and I hope you have consulted a doctor to rule out an underlying medical condition such as liver disease or kwashiorkor. Try to follow the basic eating advice on this website.

swollen legs

I am a quadriplegic who takes multiple medicines for my condition.


Water retention in legs, feet and ankles is common in people who are not able to move very well. This is because the lymphatic system, which drains fluid out of the tissues, needs to be stimulated by movements. As you are not able to exercise, it would be helpful if you can get someone to move your legs, knees and ankle joints for you. Also please check that you are following the healthy eating advice on this site.


Man with excess body fatHormones

I am a man but my body is so soft like a woman. My weight did fluctuate by 4-6 pounds many times in the past over a duration of one or two days. I have been obese for many years and my body fat has been jiggly like gelatin, especially my chest, abdomen and thighs. Exercise and diet aren’t helping! Please tell me if water retention is the culprit.

Reply from Linda Lazarides
This is a photo of body fat, which hangs off the body and is not puffy like water retention. The reason for the feminine appearance is because excessive body fat in men encourages the body to produce oestrogen (estrogen), which is a female hormone. Some foods such as dairy products (milk, cheese and so on) are a natural source of oestrogen and this may affect you if they are eaten to excess.

Diet and exercise are the right way to get rid of body fat but I would recommend seeing a holistic or naturopathic health counsellor to help you with choosing foods that will discourage oestrogen in your body.

Puffy under eyes Puffy under eyes

Puffy under eyes for the past four months (never had anything like this before). There is also lower leg “fattening” not sure if it’s edema or fat. Left leg is worse than right. The eyes are a seriously dramatic and sudden change that really worries me. Legs have been like this for longer. Not sure if eye edema is related to the fattened lower legs. Kidney test in April showed GFR 55, but returned to 97, then 111 weeks later. Puffiness has continued. I also have mild back pain around the area of my right kidney. The nephrologist thinks since my blood work is now fine I shouldn’t worry. The nurse says my backache is likely a pulled muscle and eye puffiness is allergies. I’ve never had allergies and have no other symptoms of allergies. I had thyroid tests which were low normal. I’m 46 yr old female– had two pregnancies (preclampsia with both and have high blood pressure- mostly under control). I eat very healthy– lots of fruit and veggies, low to moderate protein, plenty of healthy fats and exercise regularly.

Reply from Linda Lazarides
I have not had the chance to work with you and carry out my testing procedures which would enable me to answer your question, but you can find the procedures in my waterfall diet book. Your eyes don’t look very swollen, but if you are also getting swollen legs then you may be right that your kidneys are under stress. Doctors are looking for diseases which have specific treatments. If they don’t find a disease there is not much they can do, so we can only resort to doing our own investigations and self-help.

22yo Male, Bilateral pitting edema in legs, has worsened over past year

22yo male, bilateral pitting edema in legs, has worsened over past year

Pitting oedema

This is a classic sign of water retention.  Note how the sock leaves an impression in the skin for some time after being pulled down.

There are many causes of water retention, and the first thing you must do is get tested for possible kidney, heart or liver problems. If all is clear you can investigate whether your diet,  lifestyle or medications may be causing the swelling. You can find the self-testing procedures in the waterfall diet publications.

This was a bad week. It is a constant battle for me. I cannot wait to read your book and I am glad I researched this.

This was a bad week. It is a constant battle for me. I cannot wait to read your book and I am glad I researched this.

Swollen legs

This looks like a case of poor eating habits over a very long time. Fat is hanging off the thighs, showing that this person over-eats all the wrong kinds of foods. The resulting vitamin and mineral deficiencies and the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables have also caused swelling in the lower legs.


The long-term effects of water pillsEffects of bulimia

My hands stomach and feet have been swollen and I feel very stiff all day every day for about 6 years. I was bulimic for about 9 years off and on and get severe heartburn and can not make it through the day unless I have my pills. I wake up every day feeling so stiff that Its like a workout just getting out of bed it hurts to even try and straighten out my fingers.

Reply from Linda Lazarides
Anorexia and bulimia cause very severe metabolic imbalances in the body, especially protein, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Many anorectics also take diuretics and laxatives, which make the deficiencies worse, and water retention or swelling is a common result.

All over swellingAll over swelling

It collects all over and I swell up in my ankles and around my sides are tight…everything is tight and the last time I lost weight was starve myself and worked out for about a half hour a day to 45 minutes with weights and little exercises at home….still hardly lost the weight after a month and a half….so I’m waiting for this book.

Reply from Linda Lazarides
Excess weight that does not shift despite dieting and exercising is often due to water retention. Although this person does not seem to be carrying any excess weight and does not show signs of puffiness (though the photo is not very clear) she is experiencing swelling of the ankles, which should be investigated in case of kidney or heart problems. If these are all clear then there may be a dietary or lifestyle cause of the ankle swelling. The usual cause is a poor diet with too much sugary foods and drinks. Sometimes under-eating causes swelling, due to the resulting protein, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


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