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carolyn-before-and-after-300x254Carolyn Burris from Laguna Beach, California is a real person, with real before and after pictures; here is the story of how she lost almost 20 pounds of water retention in just two months.

“I began Linda Lazarides’ water retention diet plan in earnest beginning of August, 2009. It is towards the end of September now and I have literally peed out almost 20 pounds worth of water weight. I lost 10 pounds in the first 3 weeks. I hope to drop another 5-10 pounds. I am fairly sure all my excess weight was water retention as I have always been a healthy eater. I don’t feel deprived by this diet. I eat plenty of foods and don’t get hungry.”

“I also joined a gym and a trainer helps with exercise. It has been 15 years since I have been in the gym. I love it but I know it is the Waterfall Diet that is making the difference.”

“When a gym trainer weighed me in before I started the diet, I was just short of 173 pounds. Today I weighed myself at 154. I have lost almost 4 inches from my belly. I couldn’t be happier. So many pieces of information in your book have fit for me. I feel for so many who try to lose weight and struggle and work out so darn hard. This way was easy and only took 2 months. Thank you so much Linda.”

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“I lost 16 lbs of Water Retention”
Report from Alison in Ozark, Missouri

“Happy to report have now lost 16 lbs!…in 25 days! I only started the diet on 30th August. I’m again referencing your original book about the Waterfall diet with recipes and such, and this time around, have become more adventurous with food preparation. Have downloaded your low carb and additional recipe suggestions.”

“I lost 23 lbs of Water Retention”
Report from Lucy in New Jersey

“Well, I bought the book on the Waterfall Diet and so far I have lost 23 pounds of water retention because I started out at 188 and now I am 165. I am still losing slowly but before it was impossible for me to lose weight.”

“I lost 5 kilos of Water Weight”
Report from Leanne in the UK

“I have had this weight problem for the last 3 years. The facts mentioned in your book about water retention exactly fits my problems. Hence I was confident that my weight issues was due to water retention. In one year I had put on 15 kgs.  I tried all sorts of exercise  diet program  but nothing changed my weight. In the first one week after I started the waterfall diet I lost about 5 kgs. ”

“The pounds have shed like crazy…”
Report from Ruth in Kansas

97Tr“Linda, I just want to thank you for helping me to lose water retention. I have religiously been working out since last October with barely any results in weight loss. I began at 170lbs. After drinking Acai Berry juice, I loss 7 but once again I plateaud. Leaving the 160s had been the hardest thing I ever did. When my doctor told me the amount of water I could be retaining could be caused by HRT, I googled how I could get rid of it. The Waterfall Diet came up. I ordered the book I think two weeks later and the pounds have shed like crazy. I feel healthier and don’t have to take my blood pressure pills everyday. My 30th High School Reunion is this weekend and I’m looking fabulous at 141 pounds. Thanks so much! PS I have sent a letter to Oprah requesting that she put you on her show.” :)

“I lost my water retention AND my rheumatoid arthritis”
Report from Gemma in Australia

“Hello Linda, Thanks to your Waterfall diet, I have got rid of my water retention. Along the way during this diet, I have lost all my aches and pains from my rheumatoid arthritis, AND lost 8.5 kg in the 5 weeks that I have been on the diet. I must add that these joint pains I have had for 4-5 years!”

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red-bikiniWater retention is curable

If you haven’t yet heard of the Waterfall Diet, you can find out a lot more about it on this site.  There are at least seven different causes of water retention, and the best natural way to get rid of it is with a diet that’s designed to target what is causing it in your own case.

To find out more about the Waterfall Diet:

  • Look for the Waterfall Diet or the Easy Water Retention Diet (paperback books) on Amazon
  • To order the Waterfall Diet book from a bookstore ask for ISBN 978-0749942533
  • To order the Easy Water Retention Diet from a bookstore ask for ISBN 78-1519191472
  • Download the E-guide

More testimonials

“Dear Linda I have recently downloaded your book on water retention. I’m very excited to have found it as I have had water retention most of my life and there hasn’t been one doctor who has pinpointed it like you did. I started the diet this past Monday and already feel better. Thank you very much for this positive information.”

“I am very happy that I found this diet. It is not really starving yourself but eating foods that are right for you. Yesterday I was at the doctor’s office for a blood test which I have to take every three months. I found out that my blood pressure was 112/72, the nurse told me that reading is excellent, my normal reading use to be 120/80. I am so happy now I know the causes of water retention for me and why I was unable to lose weight.”

“Thanks to your book I now understand what my problem is – water retention! After 60 tests I still couldnt get to the bottom of why my legs felt separate from the rest of my body (my upper half is quite sinewy!).”

“I’ve signed up for your newsletter. Looking 4ward to more info to learn from. Linda’s writing is so inspirational and practical!”

Easy Water Retention DietRead more about this water retention diet.

“Loved the book!” “Your Nutritional Health Bible is one of my bibles”.

“I love you Linda. My feet were swollen for 10 years before I read your book. Thank you so much. God bless you.”

“Dear Linda, Last fall I read your book The Waterfall Diet, Lose up to 14 Pounds in 7 Days by controlling water retention. I discovered your book while searching online for a method to help eliminate swelling from my arthritis. I applied the principles and was immensely successful. A huge thank you!”

“I never thought foods can make a difference to powerful and stubborn hormones, but this book has changed my perception on food nutrition for ever. Your diet does help to lose water retention weight and I would recommend your book like no other!!!! I put on water retention after my miscarriage and until now could not lose it. MILLION THANK YOUs Linda and wishing you all the best. Hope xxx”

Where to get Linda’s book

The Waterfall Diet book is the most informative if you want all the scientific explanations of water retention. The Easy Water Retention Diet is a simpler, more practical version The paperback versions of these books are available from

Or if you’re in a hurry download Linda’s E-guide which combines the Waterfall Diet with low-carb dieting for the most rapid weight loss.

If bloating is your main problem we recommend Linda’s Flat Stomach Secrets

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About Linda Lazarides

Linda Lazarides is an international expert on water retention, author of eight books and founder of the British Association for Nutritional Therapy. She has successfully treated hundreds of people referred to her by doctors. See success stories or download E-guide.


  1. I tried this plan a few years ago and it worked. I lost 5 lbs on it. Discovered I was allergic to sugar, white flour, coffee, dairy and corn, red meats–anything salty. Unfortunately, social eating and cooking for a husband who doesn’t have the same issues made it difficult and I phased it out. I am now 53, postmenopausal and desperate for relief so I am back on phase 1 again: committed this time to feeling better. I suffer from bloating, aching in the morning with swollen fingers and a tightness and heavy feeling in my thighs and legs. BP at doctor visit a week ago 130/80. So age is catching up with me. All of my blood tests including thyroid, kidney, liver, lungs: all normal. The doc passed my condition off as “aging” and gave me some spironolactone (a mild diuretic) for my blood pressure. After using it for a few days, I threw it in the trash. Weight still the same: no water lost: 112 lb. (my healthy weight is 105-107). I started phase 1 yesterday and woke up at 109.6. I am battling the worst fluid retention I’ve ever had so we’ll see if the trend continues. I hope so. I am trying everything I can to look and feel better. I had been on 1200 cal. plus 1 hour of zumba exercise 6 days a week for 2 months with NO results so it must be fluid retention. We’ll see what happens in another week.

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