download the waterfall dietDownloadable E-guide: Low-Carb Dieting and the Waterfall Diet
(Provides full instructions for the Waterfall Diet. Written for those who want to lose body fat and water weight.) This E-guide is in pdf format and can be read on any device.

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easywaterret_coverThe Easy Water Retention Diet

  • Provides a simple explanation of the different types of water retention and why water pills can be harmful for some types.
  • A one-week diet program which works to relieve water retention in up to 70 per cent of those with idiopathic edema (the most common type of water retention).


“I began Linda Lazarides’ water retention diet plan in earnest beginning of August, 2009. It is towards the end of September now and I have literally peed out almost 20 pounds worth of water weight. I lost 10 pounds in the first 3 weeks. I hope to drop another 5-10 pounds. I am fairly sure all my excess weight was water retention as I have always been a healthy eater. I don’t feel deprived by this diet. I eat plenty of foods and don’t get hungry.”
Carolyn B, Laguna Beach, California
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The Gourmet Nutritional Therapy Cookbook is all about helping people get over their health problems, including water retention. Naturopathic doctors estimate that one third of all ailments would disappear if people ate nothing but recipes from this book, not only because they are loaded with delicious superfoods, but because they eliminate the foods that most often cause symptoms. The great news is that the recipes are delicious too.

All recipes are free of wheat, dairy products, eggs, yeast, sugar and red meat. Most are also gluten-free and vegetarian.


“This is more than a recipe book! Once I started reading I could not put it down as the penny dropped that taking control of my spiralling health issues didn’t have to resort to pills. A week in I have learnt how to make non challenging delicious meals with the knowledge of what effect these foods are having on my body. I work full time, I feed a family and I am on a budget. This week I have learnt how to plan, have meals ready quickly and I think I may have saved money considering there is still a great deal of this weeks shop in the freezer! The big bonus has been time, happy kids (age 8 and 11) and I feel different, positive and healthier than I have in a long time.” (Amazon UK Customer)

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Flat Stomach SecretsLinda’s Flat Stomach Secrets

If your swelling seems to be mostly in the tummy area, this may be the best book for you.

Packed with little-known information, Linda’s Flat Stomach Secrets explains the five main causes of an expanding waistline and includes a comprehensive program and 7-day diet to begin to tackle it. You could lose as much as three inches from your waistline in three months. Discover

  • How to avoid developing obsessive food cravings
  • How to rebalance the hormones that control belly fat
  • A cool way of walking that powerfully works out your tummy muscles at the same time
  • What is intestinal plaque and how it can cause bloating
  • A deep-cleansing routine to tackle bloating, gas and water retention.


“I found this book very informative and enlightening to say the least. Many things are explained that I have not been aware of.”

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Soup Diet SecretsLinda’s Soup Diet Secrets

Reach your target weight faster, without ever feeling hungry.

Most popular diets don’t address the problem of food cravings. Soup has been scientifically shown to combat this problem. It is warming, comforting, low in calories. and by far the quickest and easiest way to reach your target weight. By adding special power ingredients, soup can also provide enormous health benefits.

Most of the recipes in this book are compatible with Linda’s anti-water retention programs, so this book is ideal if you have a weight problem as well as a water retention problem.

Linda Lazarides is known for her innovative and effective weight loss books and methods. She is not just a writer but a health expert and nutritionist, and founder of the School of Modern Naturopathy.


“These soup recipes are so satisfying that you will not even notice you are on a diet.”

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waterfalldietbookThe Waterfall Diet

Linda Lazarides’ first book on water retention. Written in 1999, this is the updated 2010 edition. The most classic and very detailed book on the causes and natural treatment of water retention, read by many thousands of people who have found relief using the methods described.

Gives scientific explanations for seven different types of water retention, and a natural treatment program with recipes.

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About Linda Lazarides

Linda Lazarides is an international expert on water retention, author of eight books and founder of the British Association for Nutritional Therapy. She has successfully treated hundreds of people referred to her by doctors. See success stories or download E-guide.

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