What causes swollen legs and ankles?

Swollen legs feet and ankles are caused by water retention. When your circulation has problems working against the effects of gravity, your blood collects in the lower part of your body. The extra pressure on your blood vessels makes them leak fluid into the tissues of your legs feet and ankles. … [Read more...]

Help: I can’t stop putting on water weight

Question from Jackie Hello Linda, about 2 years ago I first suffered with oedema in my legs. They became about 3 times the size they used to be. I developed a lot of bruising around my ankles and shin areas. I was prescribed furosemide which did help. However since last year I noticed that I had … [Read more...]

Why am I retaining water?

Question from Mary Ann Hi, Linda, I lost my daughter in last summer and We have been through tough time. I started having severe stomach problems about three months ago. I had endoscopy and colonoscopy. It came back that I have severe GERD and gastritis. After the scope I noticed my lower belly … [Read more...]

Anorexia bulimia and water retention

Question from Monica For 2 years I exercised everyday to the point of burning 1400 calories a day , I ate mainly pumpkin, peas , beetroot, yogurt and porridge .. I became so thin I was anorexic… Then one day I woke up 20kgs heavier!!! Doctors gave me duritics but they didn’t work , now 6 months … [Read more...]

Water retention during pregnancy

A small degree of water retention is normal in pregnancy. The reasons are described well on the American Pregnancy Association website. Noticeable swelling of feet and ankles in late pregnancy is also common and occurs because the weight of the uterus puts pressure on the pelvic veins and the … [Read more...]

Swelling and water weight

Ellie says I'm soooo frustrated!!! I have been following a low carb diet for 3 months months... Initially I lost 3 kegs in a week and I was overjoyed... Unfortunately it is back.... I'm 170 meters tall and my current weight is 74 kegs. I work out, have eliminated sugar, take outs, wheat, all forms … [Read more...]

Does Chantix cause water retention?

Q. Hello my name is Deseri, I just recently quit smoking after 20 yrs. I quit on feb 6 and it is now March 24, I used Chantix to quit this final time and had some serious side effects with anxiety and depression so stopped taking the Chantix and just quit cold turkey. I am pretty active with hiking … [Read more...]

Water retention after pregnancy

Q. I have recently had my second child via c section. With my first child (also born by section) I had problems with water retention for a couple months after birth. It has been 4 months since my daughter was born and I’m still having issues with water retention in my legs and ankles. I recently … [Read more...]


My kidneys have shut down twice Question from reader Kim I am 43 year old female and have 20 plus pounds of water weight or more. My anti-depressants don't seem to be the problem either. My kidneys have shut down in the past twice for (unknown reasons). I eat pretty healthy and drink lots of … [Read more...]

Can medications cause water retention?

Question from Brandy I have never had retention problems, except with my pregnancies many years ago (I am 71 now) however I have thought back and it seems that my legs, feet started swelling after I switched to injection hormone therapy. I have addressed the problem with my physician and was simply … [Read more...]

Premenstrual water retention

Question from Emma For 6 years I'm suffering with water retention for 3 weeks every month. As soon as ovulation starts I gain water weight. I go up a dress size for 3 weeks and shrink just before period starts. Water weight starts again on about day 9. I eat a paleo diet with no eggs due to … [Read more...]